The machine

The first one I recieved as a gift but despite all the assembly videos and outside help from friend, we could not get it working properly. I actually felt cursed, my first tattoo machine and I can’t even get it up and running properly, could it be a bad omen?

Yesterday Prime was having some massive discounts on merchandise and even though they don’t carry the models the pros often promote , I found a highly reviewed tattoo pen , an updated and simplified assembly of what I previously had in my possession. One of the first commenter to share their review and pictures was a professional that boasted having one of the Cheyenne models in their possession and said they found the handling of this significantly cheaper Taiwan model to be comparable. I got the okay to place the order and was delighted for it to arrive the same day.
I was so excited to test it out just to see if it worked I didn’t even worry about making a stencil or prepping the fake skin properly, and when that beautiful motor turned on immediately and smoothly I was absolutely thrilled. I laid down some small freehand drawings, absolutely the most hideous sketches I’ve made in years but the joy of having having a working machine was such a beautiful feeling. The thick black lines came out smooth and straight, the words were legible and near. It was the first sample of that dream I’ve had since I was a teenager actually being accessible.

Sure my dad decided he didn’t want me in his life anymore because of it, but you know what it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I mean he left me when I was a kid anyway, what right does he really have to tell me the career I chose to pursue, the art I wanted to wear on my body is the great disappointment that he can’t abide by. It sounds like an excuse for a reason to step out again to me , and it’s a rotten choice but it’s his to make. Just like this one was mine.

I still have a ways to go to polish up my abilities to give my potential clients the respect they deserve, but gosh it sure feels good to be taking the steps to make that happen.

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