Falling down the stairs

It’s been almost a week since I feel down the stairs as I was on my way to pick up my daughters sick time makeup work from her school.

It was the first time the air had been knocked out of me in years. Initially I knew that I had at least bruised my ribs on the right side, maybe fractured my foot, my knee was definitely protesting in pain too. Nothing that I felt was serious enough to warrant taking up a busy doctor’s time and did my best to walk it off.
Today I feel I may have underestimated my injuries and chest pain became an emergent fixture of my day. If I press down where I hit my side, I feel the pain radiate through my chest. A fractured rib maybe, the symptoms match. However even if I did take it to the hospital at this point in time, I read there’s not much the professions would be able to do to treat it, and honestly even with insurance I really don’t want to throw money down on an xray to be told there’s nothing we can do. So I’ll probably be whining about the pain for a minute, maybe see if some of those cbd gummies can help a lady out and carry on.

3 thoughts on “Falling down the stairs”

  1. Go to the ER. Insurance or not.

    Why are you assuming these things or the worst?

    People fall down the steps all of the time and are fine after proper treatment.

    Have you just given up on life and yourself?

    Is that why you don’t care?

    Your injuries will get worse left untreated.

  2. My injuries healed within the time frame described on the medical site.

    I chose not to go to the hospital in person based on the temperament of intake when my kid was sick. The doctors were so overwhelmed with respiratory sicknesses and other viral syrains that they were heavily suggesting avoiding in person visits if possible.

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