The troll under the bridge

Wednesday I get a message from my husband.

“Strange thing happened this morning on my way to work. I was still in the neighborhood when a girl walking in the middle of the street flagged me down. She said she was lost, was wondering the neighborhood for hours, looking for Hampden and Estes intersection. I pointed the direction for her, then she asked me for a ride. I told her no because I was late for work and it was opposite direction where I was heading. Then she started begging and offering money. At this point I was sure it was some kind setup and drove off.”

The place the young woman is trying to get him to drive her to is a bridge where a number of ambushes have already occurred. Stranger still I think of a dream I’d had a few weeks back, it was from the point of view of a young women of Hispanic descent watching our house ans thinking about lure. I remember waking up relieved it was a dream and now I’m not sure sure. Whatever the situation, I warn him it’s likely our home is being watched given the absurd hour this occurred

The general concensus from neighbors and family with give the run down to is “trap”. They tell him next time to bring up the cops, at best they’d help a lady in need, at worst you’ve at least given them the trail to a criminal outfit.
I also consider other possibilities of people into kinkier sex lives and still remain glad that the prospect of such a thing did not entice him off course.

One thought on “The troll under the bridge”

  1. You have a good dude. I don’t know that any man I’ve EVER been with would have passed on the opportunity to be a “White knight”. Good for both of you. That tactic almost always works

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