Dear A,

There are so many things I could say to you. I’ll try to keep it brief. I know you are doing well, and I am honestly happy for you. Correct me if I am wrong, but you weren’t this happy when we met, were you?

You know, I can’t help myself from thinking about you quite often. Even now. I hear our songs everywhere. Idk if I ever thanked you for introducing me to some good music. I’ve had to disassociate your connection with it a little honestly because it is so good! And there was a long time it was just kinda painful.

I think it’s important for me to be clear and honest with you. I am still very angry at you. FWIW. But, believe it or not, I have actually been maturing a lot lately, and I understand now that many things I was angry about were not actually your fault. And I know I lashed out at you alot. I’ve been doing that to people I love my whole life. Im sorry, you didn’t deserve that.

Most of the rage I directed towards you was unconsciously intended to boomerang back to me, if that makes sense, or at least I’m stating to think. (You’re into all that Oprah stuff more than me tho lol). But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you did I think we can both agree were wrong. If you could even acknowledge that, or my right to feel that way, it would mean a lot to me. That’s as far as I’ll go, before your family decides they need to “crucify” me again. LOL, but not really.

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