Tomorrow is the silent auction fundraiser Arise! Being hosted at one of my favorite crafty nooks and tattoo parlors nearby ( I met the husband and wife duo and each a respective owner of the different shops and a circus themed birthday party some years ago) .

I messaged the shop owner after receiving their call for artists to donate their works to the auction benefitting The Colorado Doula Project. I sent her a picture of a few of my paintings to choose from and she picked my not quite finished Jurogumo . My husband wasn’t too keen on her pick, he was wanted to keep the spider lady around a little longer.
Ultimately I felt this was a fitting means to part with her , though I’d recieve no monetary gain for her sale she will be among other peers exceptional works for display before a significantly sized audience. If she recieves any bids,her sale will benefit womens & wellness.

So I took a few days to polish her up before delivering her to the location. The people that tecieved her were very kind and thankful and I was able to pick up my personal favorite Fiddlers Green Magazine while I was in the area.

I’ll be able to catch the tail end of the auction tomorrow, as my husband will have the car for work. I talked a few lady friends into going with me and I’m excited to see what other contributions will be on display.

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