War Memorial Field

My husband’s mom suprised us with tickets to see Lindsey Sterling in nearby Sandpoint.
Initially she was going to take his sister and him, and go with her best friend Eva and her daughters who were hoping to have the violinist sign their own instruments but told us she wanted to have some extra time with the grandbaby instead.
I was appreciative of the gift and despite having poor visibility from the lawn chairs, it really was an excellent performance.

With the sheer amount of people, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find the lovely Eva or her daughters but we were able to spot them almost immediately entering the field and she had saved some space on the grass for us to join her.
The show was very dynamic with some beautiful forms from the dancers. The spotlights shining from behind us onto the stage attracted thousands of tiny moths that joined in the dancing.

Even though Sophia who had us listening to one of my old high school haunts, Acid bath on the way there. ( I had to give her some brief history of the album art featuring John Wayne Gacy, who he was and what he did), was rapt with enjoyment at the live spectacle of this artist she had thought had fallen out of her favor. The lady did good, Lindsey herself had a number of candid dialogue points on confronting depression, personal anecdotes on viewing chats devoted to trash talking her in at a time in her life that coincided with the death of a friend and her father. And how a kind stranger then thanked her for what she did,not necessarily in the musical sense but in the conversation for hope and she said in that moment she felt like her father was still there in those words protecting her. She also spoke at length about her beliefs in manifesting for better or worse your life course in everything you dedicate your life to.

While Eva’s babies didn’t quite get in on the violin signing, they did get an up close view of her at the end of the show and at the close of the night we all departed happy and decidedly sure we would see this artist again with our own kid if she came to our neck of the woods. Preferable at a venue with better viewing access.

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