I’m about halfway through our family trip to Idaho, having already reaquainted myself with Silverwood and Honeysuckle Beach, today my husband’s folks were treating us to a different kind of adventure.

Somewhere in Farragut National Park looms a treetop obstacle course, where you don their very best harness gear and test your mettle on their tightrope, swinging logs, and various other challenges. The adult course was a three tiered setup that gets progressively higher, similarly the kids had a 2 tier course that had less clasps and more balancing.

I’m not particularly keen on heights, but I’ve been ziplining over the rainforest before so I’ll be damned if I chicken out before at least trying the course.

I actually didn’t do as bad as I dreaded I would after getting the hang of the magnetic clasps. I completed the first two tiers of the adult course before I started feeling a little queezy on account of the heights. So I took the exit ladder at the end of course two and went to check out my kids progress on the kids course. My husband and his sister continued on to complete the third course and opted into the black course which was their most challenging course offered. Ending with them repelling 60 ft off a platform.

My kid was a champ, she completed all the kids courses and loved it enough to go another round. It really was a thrilling experience.

Afterwords we had sandwiches by a massive lake that you could see Montana on the far horizon peaks. The lake itself was formed by a torrential flood from glacial ice melt that impacted Idaho, Montana, and Washington. It was a solid little piece of history to experience.

Tomorrow we’re going to Art on the Green. I’m looking forward to price checking what artists here are selling for and at what quality.

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