Semper Fidelis

Dear E,

It’s been a long while since we happened and sometimes, there are moments that still make me think, “why didn’t we work out?”. More than the cheating that you did, I still wonder where we started to go wrong. Was it when we started fighting because of your ex? Was it the time you no longer see it fit to be on time? Was I too much or was I not enough? These are questions I may not have an answer to forever. I provided myself with the closure you could not give me. I’m honestly happy right now and you are too. It’s just sometimes I wonder if you ever really meant what you always said in your letters, “semper fidelis”. I hope one day we could really talk without all the blaming and I hope we get to find out where it really went wrong so that we may never have to be in that position again w our partners.

2 thoughts on “Semper Fidelis”

  1. If this was really you, all I could stay that it still haunts me. Nothing was ever the same since the day I found out you cheated on me. It’s like I could never trust anyone around me fully and believe me when I say that I’m thankful I found a partner who’s willing to be patient with me while I try to unlearn everything that traumatized me. Sometimes I just question why were you okay with hurting me like that? Why were you okay with being happy while you traumatized me?

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