No more I love yous

No more I love yous,
the language is leaving me.
No more I love yous,
the language is leaving me in silence.

One thought on “No more I love yous”

  1. Hey, if you’re on here…just know I did love you. I was hoping we’d get together eventually. You were my first choice but I was tired of being your second. Eventually it all fell apart. You can hate me all you want, but I could never hate you. In fact, you can be cold about it but for you I will always be warm..its fine that you no longer love me. Its your choice at the end of the day. I want you to be happy, even tho it seems you never wanted it with me. You deserve the life you want. Why couldn’t you just say it? Why did I always feel it but you always denied it? You know everyone thinks you never liked me? Friends, therapists, everyone I confided in about you.guess you were just embaressed. Everyone always is by me..
    But I dont say this to harm you. I guess I never wanted my life without you in it, but you did and you chose to. So I guess I should be grateful you left. Because I never would have left. I’m sorry for all I did to cause you harm.

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