The outlook looked grim

My old lady kitty hadn’t eaten in 3 days. Dita was a little older than fifteen and from what I’d read was on the upper end of her age group, I couldn’t tell if this were age or something else. On the third night she started losing control of her functions and we immediately made an appointment with her vet.

Everything all at once is what it felt like, I was still on the mend from my cough but at least I had been insured, my cat was not.

I wrapped my baby up in a soft blanket, got her in the catpack and drove her down to Fox Hollow. The team got us into a room and into problem solving mode pretty swiftly. They take Dita who is now 2 lbsto do some blood work and the handsome vet brings her back and he tells me it looks like it’s not all doom and gloom, she had gotten a virus that had given her pancreatitis but is perfectly treatable. They administer fluids, antibiotics, and antinausea meds and send me on my way within the hour. The vet gives me a atta girl hand on the shoulder for handling things well.

At home there is deep relief when the little lady immediately wants food. I give her a warm bath and am satisfied to see her back out in the open being social, but still weak , she keeps to the bed. The day ended so much better than it could have, eventually I will have to say a final goodbye to my little kitty love but not today.

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