The Beach Boys haunted the day

My mom was over to visit with her husband as a brief pop in before she comes back to take my kid for two weeks in the middle of summer.

Initially I had planned to take them to the botanical gardens, but we reconfigured for fun closer to home instead heading into Morrisson for a walk downtown , we popped in for lunch at the Morrisson Inn and were suprised with a live show on the rooftop surrounded by colorful tex mex paintings and animal sculptures. The musician spuntracked us with classics from Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and the likes, the Beach Boys speaking up over the sound system during intermission.
I love the little hippie shops and co ops over here.

We discover tiny town is closed so we have to do a little plan shuffle again, mom decides an antique store nearby sounds nice, so I give her the list of what’s within a 5 miles radius and she picks Old Crow Antiques and Root Beer Bar as the go to. We pull into the parking lot to find a vintage car show underway with The Beach Boys back singing the car show tunes. Inside the store is massive, we’re greeted with an old carriage and treats ranging from Muppet kitchenware to lavish crystal chandeliers and a sea of goods from different time periods. I found this the 115th Anniversary king tusk from Ringling Brothers barnum and Bailey but unfortunately it wasn’t for sale. I was also really fond of a rare clown face cookie jar that was so ridiculous I could only love it.
The root beer bar was an absolutely primo treat as an intermission to split up our viewing of this massive space. Other artists to make repeated appearances over the soundwaves included The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash.
Afterwards we played some put put at the nearby mini golf course amongst the dinosaurs where again our radio waves are high jacked by the same songs, I don’t mind I love the Playlist, I just found it super curious and was not the only one to notice it as moms husband also pointed out as we finished the night with Fire House sandwiches. It was a good visit.
Next time we see the grandparents they’ll whisk the kid off for adventures in camping while the hubs and I replace our floors and go for my own birthday adventures back to Meow Wolf to check it out with some different variables to play with.

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