June 3, 2022

Day 4 of antibiotics after bronchitis absolutely lays waste to me and I’m doing a little better, still coughing up the occasional flecks of blood but I don’t feel a hairs breath away going to the ER anymore. My covid test was negative, however I later hear from my neighbor that she got tested shortly after me and hers came put positive.
In response I take some health initiative and sign up for one of those custom vitamin programs.

When my husband gets home, we settle in to Stranger Things. This seasons dark wizard baddie is giving his monologs on his fascination with spiders , when my husband spots a big arachnid crawling down the wall behind the TV by the stairs. He catches it under glass and sets it loose out in the garden, it looks like a brown recluse or wolf spider.. I’ll need to google pictures later. He remarks on the timing and I tell him a dad joke that they make about the guy earlier on.

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