Cycle Cplete

To You Whom My Husband Once Wrote:

It’s been over ten years now. That day destroyed my heart, but my love. Had I understood then the depths of your depravity, he and might lived.
Never could I; who have been Monster Candy since birth; have imagined his sickness was you and you alone.
It was bad enough to see the proof, but to have been forced to live these past two years enslaved to the very slut who dared such abomination; untenable.
That you will be forced to look up every word I wrote offers me no comfort here. Nor do you comfort him or anyone else you’ve destroyed.
My instinct tells me to destroy you and ensure no further evil may ever arise. But my soul cautions patience for yet a week or so.
I dare not entertain retribution. That has never been me. But, I find I dare to hope this evil soon will end. It was never borne of me.
It comforts me to know that soon you will find your consequence. My ability to prophesy has ever been accurate.
I don’t care how meet your end, only that you meet it. Mind control. Rape. Murder. Drugs. Unspeakable sexual perversion. Devil worship. Insanity. But, worse, a soul so afflicted that it can no longer escape your hell. And that is the only empathy from me any part of you has earned.
The future is ours. It must be. You bought it free and clear. I’ll loose no sleep nor twinge in guilt for what you bought yourself.
And, briefly, to your shadow bitch I say, I’d rather exist one moment in divine light than eternity in another’s hell.
You didn’t even rate your own. Poor little thing.
I have my actions set, but know, they are not set in stone. Something tells me something comes that you both can’t survive.


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