I understand babe

I understand why you’re so standoffish. It makes sense after all. No one could fault you, really. Don’t ever worry you’re making the wrong decision. Priorities, after all.

I know you love your Doggo. And we both know he’d love me more. Why? Because sitting next to him for hours on the couch, watching some animal planet or whatever just hippos and giraffes and kangaroos doing their thing for hours on end with constant nice pets on Doggo’s head, and belly too if he wants, there’s probably nothing I’d enjoy more other than sex with you.

And foodwise, I’m not feeding your Doggo the crap you probably buy. Think about how much you love Doggo, how he gets so excited EVERY SINGLE TIME you come home, no matter how long you’ve been gone. Now look at the kibbles you give him for his daily sustenance. I’m not saying you buy shitty dog food, I’m saying dog food is shitty. Just look at it. “Why don’t you eat it?” That’s what Doggo is thinking. If I’m making food for myself or us, I’m making food for Doggo as well. Hmmmm, tonight I’m feeling like chicken marsala with risotto. Guess what Doggo is getting: a nice unseasoned bowl of white rice with some small cuts of chicken breast, and I top it with a little peanut butter, cause you know, I love Doggo too. When I have some chips and salsa during the football games, Doggo, of course wearing our (as in me and Doggo’s) favorite team jersey, gets some nice carrot sticks that also clean his teeth!

All in all Doggo will love me more, it is a certainty. So I understand why you are so apprehensive towards me.

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