You aren’t committed though!!

Dear P,

I don’t think you still care about our relationship that much, so it wouldn’t matter anyway if I ever decide to move on with a different lad. And I will find another lad to move on with. I always do. You shouldn’t stop me from being with another lad, because that’s my human right, and if you aren’t showing how committed you are, then I might aswell give up all hope for us, and get with a lad who truly deserves me, as much as I deserve him. Obviously, I’m not so sure who that is but I’m sure whoever it becomes, he will show up in time. I don’t say this lightly. I can’t even be that sure that you’re that interested these days, so this is why I’m going to go my own way. Finding love isn’t everything, and it’s not all there is to life, but if I can find a lad who I know deserves me, then I’m sure that eventually I will find this special person. This is a friendly way of telling you to move on, and to let me be with a lad who truly wants me. I’m only human.

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