Two days later

Night is just starting to fall when I notice another caravan of first responders arrive in front of our house again. It’s bigger this time, police cars, ambulance and fire truck. Just like before they go into the unit across from mine, I see the mom standing out front to usher them in. There are doctors on scene, they package a bunch of medical equipment up on the stretcher but I don’t see them bring anyone out,at least not living and the bags on the stretcher seem small when they pack it in.

The neighbors almost immediately hop on the group text to try to figure out what’s going on. None of us see the source, but after the ambulance leaves more people show up. My neighbor downstairs tells me Crime Scene Investigators are taking pictures of everything. Someone’s hugging the crying mom, and we’re all afraid for the kids. An hour later and the cop cars remain outside in the darkness after the rest of the commotion has departed.

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