The song l wrote…

Remember the song I wrote for you? I recently turned the chorus into a pentatonic melody on piano…. You probably didn’t even know I played piano… but if I were to re-record that song then I’d definitely incorporate my relatively new piano skills lol. It sounds nice, romantic, and kinda catchy… made me tear up when it came to me…

Crazy how love can inspire music, even if the love was lost or unrequited… you mean the world to me and always will. We live worlds apart socially and you’ll never understand what I’m really like. You’ve never truly known me but if you had the chance then I’m sure you’d love me… not like it matters anymore.

I don’t have plans to re-record that song and I don’t plan on making it visible online again either. I’m sure you probably have it saved somehow anyway. Must be nice to hear my voice whenever you want. I wish I could hear yours… I miss it. I miss you. 🙁

I wonder if you kept any of the stuff I sent you years ago haha… I wish I could send you more stuff… but I value my freedom too much. I always wanted to spoil you
and call you my girlfriend. I guess another girl will have to do… everyone and everything is replaceable. And everything is temporary…

I’m sorry I ever even told you how I felt. It’s crazy how you put me through hell and I never got anything to show for it. Oh well. You use to be my motivation, but now I don’t know who you are. Certainly not the same girl I fell in love with… you changed.

I’ve had a really hard life and you never made it any easier… in fact, you went out of your way to make my life even harder. I was already down and you just kept kicking me… speaks volumes to the quality of your character. I still can’t believe you did me like that. Betrayal comes so easily for you. Scary.

Well congrats. You got what you wanted, for me to never talk to you again. You made it easy.

P.S. I hate you too 😉

No love,

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