You shouldn’t be saying stuff like this to me. You know that I have a fiance, so why do you carry on flirting with me? There are a million other women for you to choose from. You’re just wasting your own time. Why use the communal area as a room to flirt? Kirkdale isn’t for that kind of thing. I’m already taken, but as per usual, yet another lad tries to get me into bed with him. I don’t understand. It’s not like I was ever showing any interest in you, and I don’t flirt with other men when I’m already taken. But you should just carry on being a flirter, because that’s you. Please go and bother some other woman who is actually single. I don’t want to take you in. You are too much to cope with. You’re bad for my mental health, so no thanks. You should know better. I did tell you that I already have a fiance. It’s mine and his fourth anniversary in June 2022. Please go and flirt with someone else. I am committed to one man, and one man only. And it involves an engagement ring. Good luck with YOUR love life.

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