I’m outside the school with my husband waiting for the kids to file out for pickup. There are a few other parents about and the high schoolers trickle out from the school across the street.

Suddenly there’s this loud rapid clicking sound behind us, I turn around to see a young Hispanic looking boy hanging out of the backseat of a car passing by, aiming a large paintball gun at another group of high schoolers that had just crossed the street. It’s empty and no one is hurt but the threat of intimidation is clear. The group of kids being aimed at, when they realize what is happening, pick up the pace to get away .

Glad I wasn’t alone to witness this one, very often when I’m relaying things I’ve seen to my husband I feel like the seriousness of it gets diluted because he doesn’t see it for himself . Does that mean we can do anything about it? Not really, but if those kids recognized the instigator they could. Maybe I can email the school but I’m not sure that will accomplish much with the little description of the incident I can provide.

I’m trying not to let this shut me down to the outside world. My kids been wanting to do ballet so I got her enrolled in some after school classes. She loved the first lesson and I look forward to seeing her first performance. Later in the year they’ll be putting on shows at a few local nursing homes and I think of how my late great gram gram would have loved that. I was in gymnastics myself in my youth and even won a few medals, I found the experiences to be both rewarding and a force to rip me out of my fear of presenting in front of my peers.

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