One day you might need me more………..

One day, you might need me more than ever before, but right now, why would you even bother believing that in the present? Believe this, I’m older than you, so I’m WAY more experienced in life. I’ve been that girl who managed to escape from a bad guy, who i used to be in a relationship with. Not because other people were telling me to leave him, but because I could see right through him MYSELF. In his actions and the way he said certain things. Deep down in my gut instinct, I knew really that he was too much trouble to stay in the relationship with. Just because I was once engaged to him, it didn’t mean that I should have felt obliged to go ahead and marry him. It also didn’t mean that I had to stay in the relationship. I have my own mind as much as anyone else does. I can also choose who to be with for the long-term, just as much as anyone else can. Please don’t stay in a bad relationship just because it pleases the other person in the relationship. It won’t do your sanity any good in the long-term. Just because you haven’t found a man more deserving of having you, yet, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find him ever. It takes patience. And if you do want children with a man, somewhere down the line, just make sure that he is wise, and has a sensible head on him. No more of the street gang crap. I think you know YOURSELF deep down, that some rapper street gang member isn’t really want you want. Also, just because you might have a crush on a guy, it doesn’t mean that he is the right one for you. Love is very different to just having a crush on someone. Please don’t be sucked in and manipulated and used by men from street gangs anymore. It won’t do you any good.

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