I wonder…

If I’m legally allowed to text or call you ? I still have your number but avoid deleting it for some reason. Hearing your voice or getting a text from you would make my year that’s for sure… crazy how it’s been years since we actually had any real, direct communication… time flies.

Sometimes I think about contacting you but then I remember that saying “don’t go back to the flame that burned you”… my gut tells me to stay away from you and I always trust my instincts.

The truth is you scare me… I know you have a gun and you seem like the type of crazy girl to kill her boyfriend or husband for no reason. A man shouldn’t be scared of the girl he loves… lol .

You have no chill and that’s not a very desirable quality. I still love you of course but I won’t do anything about it… I wonder if I’m allowed to hit you up tho … maybe I just might babe 😉 I also wonder if your heart ever aches for me… or if you think about me anymore…. Anyways, I love you . I know we’ll never be together but damn I wish otherwise…

Forever yours,

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    1. Leave your insignificant comments to yourself. If you’re gonna comment then at least have the decency to write more than three words. Despicable… 🙄

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