Dear Z,

You’re so selfish. SO selfish. I’m thinking of moving into a different apartment in a different corridor, because what’s the point of me still living opposite you, when you’re acting as if you never knew me? What the hell am I supposed to think? It’s not as if I’m assuming that you’re still talking to me, seeing as you haven’t text me or phoned me for quite a while. I don’t appreciate being used. You only wanted me to spend time with you when YOU wanted company. Never mind about how you ignoring me makes me feel. That’s not important. I will try to not be present at the Halloween party on Sunday, because I don’t want to end up bumping into you. It will be awkward, but only because you’ve made it feel like this. You make me feel like I mean nothing to you. I feel so violated by you. In fact, I’m not even sure that you’re that approachable. I’m not sure if my “friendship” with you was ever a genuine friendship, as you’re not even giving me a reason as to why you suddenly stopped getting in touch. Maybe I’m not meant to find out why. Well I hope you’re proud of the crappy way that you’re now treating me. You aren’t the respectful person you made out you were. Everyone is nice at first. You complain that no-one wants to be around you, when actually YOU’RE the culprit to blame. Not everyone else. You will never grow up. You will always be a little boy. Even though your thirty years old. If you’re never going to at least TRY to talk to me properly about it, then you are going to lose the bester friend you could EVER have in me. You are coming across as bitter, angry, and not giving a damn. Fix your ways or shut up complaining that people don’t appreciate you. You know fine well what you’re doing. And please stop with that fake politeness of yours. It’s getting stupid. You chose to not get in touch with me anymore. I guess I’ll never know why. Get on with it and stay away from me. It’s not that difficult to stay away from me. Anyway you always just walk past me without saying hi, but you say hi to others? Very mature. Not. Go your own way. It must be what you want.

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