You’re so selfish!! :(

All you ever think about is yourself. You’re constantly wanting attention like a spoilt child. You’re meant to be a grown adult. I’ve also noticed that you always hang out with us both, but separately. Even though you b**** to me about her. Even if she HAS said anything bad about you to me, why would I even tell you? I probably wouldn’t tell you because it could cause arguments. You expect others to put in all of the effort, but we don’t get anything back from you. You tend to just stay in the distance, without letting any of us know what’s wrong. Are we meant to guess? Not all of us are mind readers. I have often wondered why you can’t hang around with us both at the same time. That’s why I’m beginning to wonder if it’s you who is actually the divider. You’ve been to her flat many times and made video’s with her and at of other stuff that you don’t even bother doing with me, so don’t go playing the “No-one cares” game, because it’s getting old. Also, you ran off with our supposed “mutual” friends without so much as a goodbye. I felt abandoned when I came back into the room to find that you just took off. You’re not much of a friend. I will.never know why I bothered taking up your offer of hanging out with you. If it was just to impress the support staff, well there you go, job done. What more is there that you could possibly have to say to me? Thanks for the very short-lived friendship [a few weeks]. You only do this to me, but you treat the rest of your friends here differently. I don’t think you understand how much it hurts my feelings. I’m not sure what you can ever do to make it up to me. I had abandonment issues and I still have trust issues, and you made out like you will definitely “look after me”. Your words, not mine. Oh well. If you’re just some flash-in-the-pan kind of “friend”, then you’re the kind of friend I really don’t need in my life. You can’t expect others to just approach YOU if YOU never approach THEM. As for reaching out, that’s still more or less the same thing, but you don’t even reach out to me, but you expect me to reach out to you. You can’t expect effort back without putting effort in. Oh and I’m so sorry about thinking about my own life first. Actually I’m not. Until or unless you come out of your overly dramatic woe-is-me phase, then I think I can at least begin to understand, but how can I if you’re not even talking to me anymore? What am I supposed to Think?

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