Not for Me

You think I’m the one who should be seducing you….sorry, but you’re not for me.

You think your C game should be enough, after all it was enough for all the others….well sorry, go back to that basic lot because you’re not for me.

Hey, sexual attraction is the key right? All you need?….thanks but I’ll pass, you’re not for me.

But hey, you got that fancy car, that should be enough right? Well, you probably pronounce Porsche as a one syllable word. I’m not impressed because you’re not for me.

Your go to is try the jealousy move….sure, why not expose your insecurity all at once. Thank you, makes it so easy to see that you’re not for me.

You go off with someone else, good for you, but still want me….too bad I don’t share and you’re not for me.

There are BILLIONS of people on this planet, but only one me. If you don’t realize that by now….you know what it is.

As conceited as you are you probably thought I’ve been waiting for someone like you. False. And until you can put more than the first two letters into extraordinary, you’ll never be for me.

Let’s say hypothetically you move on, settle down, lol. Congrats that’s the best your life will ever be. And you’ll have to go all the rest of your days knowing you were never good enough for me.

You won’t see me or hear me, real g’s move in silence. But I’ll be out there somewhere, and you’ll know it, and it’ll drive you crazy. Because you know deep down I will find someone better than you, I’ll search the four corners of the earth til I find true perfection. And that one, that you would be ashamed to even gaze upon, that’s the one that is for me.

Don’t blame yourself just because you didn’t pass the muster. You’re not the first to leave with your heart in your hands, putting on a brave face when inside you’re absolutely devastated. You won’t be the last either. But I own you. Forever. That’s my superpower.

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