All I want

All I want is a baby. A beautiful bundle of joy. I’d take it into the local park and show it how beautiful nature is. I’d expose it to every new experience a baby should have. I can teach it how to stand, how to walk, how to read. I’ll play silly games (with educational purposes) til it passes out from exhaustion. I can watch baby shows ad nauseum and giggle alongside. I’ll always be understanding; babies don’t understand much, so yelling or being mean serves no purpose. We can go shopping, and pick out whatever cute baby clothes my baby wants. Pancakes every morning. Juice boxes on command. All the problems in the world, they don’t affect babies. They’re just happy and silly no matter what. My own life, no one cares, not even me. But that little baby, I can put everything I have into supporting it and showing it the best ways as best I can. Babies are the ultimate form of human life, it just goes downhill from there. And I want one. That’s all I want.

2 thoughts on “All I want”

  1. The only problem with this is, what if the person your in a relationship with, doesn’t want to have a baby? Yes, I understand the fairytale fantasies of having one, but sometimes the reality doesn’t match up with our ideals. If you’re single, you could go the clinical route about it, and find a sperm donor.

  2. I wish I had this love within me but I’m too fucked up. To me babies are humans and with humans I made the worst experiences in my life. Your vision is precious, don’t let anyone take this from you.

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