He just stands there

He just stands there, the man from church. The last time we saw each other he almost said something to me. But he always stands there. Looking. Quiet. Small smile on his face. Like does he like me or not. Is he married or not. If he is I won’t mess with him because I don’t need that kind of drama in my life. Yes, I like him but the way he’s acting makes me feel unloved and unwanted. I mean why can’t a decent guy just act normal around me without making me anxious as to whether am I delusional or not about him. Like I get being shy or extremely shy but it does a weird number on a girl when you never know if the guy is interested or not or whether married or not. It hurts a lot to have a guy act like that around you only to find out he has someone in his life. Like what the hell, I don’t need this. But he just stands there, looking, quiet, small smile on his face. Will he ever speak to me, if not it means that he was just playing with my feelings and he has someone in his life but just wants to see if he can still fish in the sea. Mxm, very frustrating. Still, he just stands there, looking, quiet with a small smile on his face.

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