You. Only you. Always You.

Have loved, Love and will love.
There are things I know but, dont say.
Im not completely oblivious to everything you do for me, your understanding for one..
I never quite tell you how much I really, deeply Love you. I complain, only show you that I doubt you.. I am sorry, I trust you. I dont really doubt you.
You are free to do whatever you like and Im aware of all the choices in front of you. The daily things you need to attend to, the people around you who need you but you still make time for me in all this chaos. Sometimes, I get a little selfish and only want you to myself and I know I need to compromise.. I know.
So much I need to say to you and I just dont know how, its like I fear showing my sensitive side because it may come across as a weakness..

I love you so much. You will probably never really know how much.

I miss you , always miss you.

I wish I could make you the happiest person alive, because you make me feel I am the luckiest. You do.

I have not always been fair with you and I promise all I really wish for is your full happiness and I know that may be something I cant accomplish.

You deserve so much more than I am giving, than I can give..

There is nothing in this world that compares to you in my eyes and in my heart amd as I type this my heart is beating crazy.

Whatever the future holds I hope you will know how worthy of love and respect you are.

From the bottom of my heart.

6 thoughts on “You. Only you. Always You.”

  1. Just

    hello this time. From me to you.

    Let us pray
    Insecurities will pass
    Never be afraid of failing

    More to mention
    obviously a crime
    rivers flow gently
    I am with you
    rightly so
    torn at first
    you understand. Me now


  2. wonder if I can do better
    illicit drugs and insincere meets
    let me treat you. I fathom

    Like two kids with a overgrown Lawn
    That make friends with the concrete.

    Gaping at the core she scrapes her knee

    Arriving where I once knew

    Rollered with gods grace

    denied to me, loving to treat you

    in stupidity but gods age won’t perish

    Newer pastures for you and off to me too.

    error of ways to fight off the stew

    rightly washed in vegetables stollen from you.

    X I understand x you’ve found someone new

  3. Fuck you from the bottom of my heart :*


    (My apologies as I realize this is not for me but if it was, that’s what my response would be!)

  4. Why do you feel you can’t just tell the person how you REALLY feel?

    Is he or she intimidating?
    Are you too shy?
    Is he or she too shy?

    A lesson from someone who has lost a lover to cancer, if you never tell this particular person how you feel, well you will live a life of regretting not telling them. Telling the person might just save you a lot of heartache. A LOT of heartache. I know it’s not easy, but you don’t have to word it to her or him in a harsh way. You could just try and get the person alone in a room with you, and ask the person if it’s okay to “have a small chat” with them. You could just say something like “Is it okay if I have a private word with you. I need to, because something is bothering me”. If you don’t find some way of letting her or him know, you may never be able to move on with life. As you will always end up with a constant regret that if only you had let he person know, either way. Regardless of the person’s response. It sounds like you REALLY like or love this person a lot. It would be a real shame to let them go this soon, when you could at least do yourself the favour of getting it off your chest with the person you have these strong feelings for. Not saying that you have to rush into things with said person, but it’s better to know whether he or she feels the same way about you, rather than to be left wondering, for the rest of your life. Believe me. Take my advice or leave it. It’s up to you how your life story ends. I just hope you do find some way of telling this person before it’s too late. Please take my advice o board, as you don’t want to break your own heart.

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