Some friend YOU are.

Yes I did enjoy myself those two weekends that we spent together, but you don’t really seem to show much interest in having me around. If that’s truly the case, then there was no need to use me or ask me for my phone number. I don’t like being used. I must have only been useful for you those two weekends, cos screw it about how we treat each other in the future. I feel so used by you. That isn’t being a decent friend or looking after me. You aren’t as credible as you think you are. Just because I told you that I enjoyed my time with you, it doesn’t mean that I will always think of you as the last decent lad left on earth. What if I end up meeting a lad who pays me more attention who treats me with more respect? You’ve got competition until you can prove me wrong that you do actually “care” about me and my feelings. Being a decent person to me, doesn’t mean leaving me to my own devices when I’m depressed or going to harm myself, oh but when YOU’RE in hospital or harmed yourself, well then I have to care why? From where I’m standing you only really care about how you yourself is feeling. Screw ME. I’m just another person you ignore because you’re so selfish. Either be true with me or leave me alone, because you don’t want to end your “unique bond” with me. Or do you? The ball is in your court. It’s up to you to pick it up. Only you can decide how you treat me in the future, if I even ever end up hearing from you anymore. What’s the point in asking me for my phone number if you only text me every now and again. That isn’t being a good friend. If you don’t like to hang around with me, then leave me alone. Why DID you ask me for my phone number? For laughs? It certainly feels like it. Oh and those planned “Projects” that we discussed working on with each other, well I’ve still heard nothing from you about them. I’m tired of being ignored by you. If you don’t want to stay in touch with me, then please go away. I don’t have to have time for your crap. Let other lads treat me with respect. At least they’re more capable of it. Why would you even care? You don’t realize what a true person you have lost by neglecting me. That is mean ENOUGH. You expect me to reach out to you, yet you never reach out to me at all. It’s just strange. I can’t work that out. Anyway, get on with it. I know who I WON’T be buying a christmas card for. And don’t bother inviting me to any of your birthdays, as it might take a while for me to even think about relying on you ever again. You just carry on getting all of the attention that you crave. Don’t mind little me.

One thought on “Some friend YOU are.”

  1. It’s a shame how people treat people these days. Why not all great each on another the| way we want to be treated. My opinions is if you left this person in your life it’s your fault you keep getting hurt. Your an adult and can say who can treat you how you want to be treated. I myself wouldn’t put up with it. If they fear you or trap you to be put in this situation then get help. Revenge is the Lords! love Linda🤔💖

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