Smoke em if you got em

If you’re single and not going out a few times a week for random hookups, or have a few booty calls on speed dial, then by the laws of society you’re a fucking loser. It’s pretty dumb if you ask me, being single is hard enough without additional pressures. Like I’m sure the majority of single people don’t want to be alone, even if they bs on and on about how empowered they feel. Who wouldn’t want the intimacy and passion that you can only find consistently in an actual relationship?

For that very reason, I imagine a lot of people settle, more or less. I know that for myself, for as long as I can remember, every girl that I’ve had a mutual attraction had some kind of significant other already. Honestly, I hate it, but I get it. If you have people, probably every single day, blowing up your dms or whatever the kids say nowadays, why not just perpetually be in a relationship til you find someone you like more, break up with the first person, rinse and repeat. And then maybe you meet someone like me, and you’re like “you’re a really great guy, but I’m in a relationship”. Which is dangerous, because if you’re pretty certain the person really likes you, then what they’re really saying is “you have to prove your worth and dedication to me before I give up what I’ve already got going”, but if you’re wrong then you end up being some creepy harasser. I’ve literally had only one serious relationship, and surprise surprise she was dating one of my friends the night we met. A week later we hooked up, the next day she broke things off with my friend, and we had a multi year relationship after that. I still feel shitty to this day about how I betrayed him, but hey I would’ve never had a proper gf to this day if I hadn’t, and at least she didn’t have to even spend one hour being single. Since then I’ve tended to just drop it when I get the “I’m already in a relationship” line. But I’ve realized I will always be alone otherwise, as anyone I’m ever attracted to will always have been swooped up by someone who had the privilege of meeting them first, as though thats what all your bullshit Disney stories taught you.

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  1. Women experience relationships in a totally different way to a man. They are in a lot of cases happier single. The most depressed demographics are married women and single men. The happiest demographic are single women and married men. That should tell you something about how marriage and relationships are experienced by women. They are a chore and we get used up. Women can also very easily go years and years being voluntarily celibate. If you want to be in a womans life – you will need to add to it – not add another burden or it’s not worth it to them. They don’t need men the way men need them. They are much better at being alone and I can tell you 100% they have absolutely no respect for man-hos – so don’t become one in some misguided attempt to not be a loser. Women think man-hos ARE the LOSERS – just don’t become an incel. Build a good life for yourself – so you don’t need a woman – only then will a quality woman come your way. But don’t hoe around or feel pressure to.

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