Advice for any guys here…

If the girl you want ever calls the police on you then immediately RUN! Give up on her. She’s not worth it! She just broke the trust and unspoken contract you had. It’s impossible to trust someone again after a betrayal like that… but believe me! There’s plenty of fish in the sea…

I would absolutely never date or marry a girl who would resort to calling the police on someone who loves her. That’s despicable and disgusting.

Love goes hand in hand with trust and if you can’t trust… then you can’t love. Unfortunately I lost the ability the trust anyone years ago….

Everything happens for a reason but true love is one in a million…. I’m not really sure I believe in love anymore anyway… everything is just a fucked up illusion.

Never let anyone try to lower your self esteem either. Toxic girls try to do this in relationships to make you more whipped and beta.

Your real love is out there and she won’t call the police on you, she won’t cheat on you, and she won’t be a complete bitch. Never settle for anything less. Stay optimistic and good things will happen. Don’t “simp over these hoes” like the kids say now lol… best of luck to everyone. I hope we all get what we’re searching for…

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  1. you must be joking. The most dangerous thing a woman can do – is be in a relationship. Well over 70% of homicides of women are done by men who supposedly love them. And that’s not counting abuse, rape, financial or reproductive abuse. Did you know that it’s more likely for a pregnant woman to be assaulted by her partner than for her to get pre-eclampsia?? I think more women should call the police on men – BEFORE he escalates and kills her. Being in a relationship can be DEADLY to a woman. Do you know how many women are killed, choked to death during se*, bashed by their partners every single day around the world?
    Advice to women : CAll the police, Don’t forgive, don’t do struggle love, don’t go back, drop them at the first name calling episode – there are plenty of men in the world who won’t assault you- don’t give second chances to those that do. You may love them – but their so called ‘love’ for you is bullshit.

    1. Lmao you sound like a classic “Karen” who would probably call the police on someone if they accidentally touched you.

      Have fun with your toxic, arrogant, stubborn, and paranoid lifestyle. Lmao the world is crazy

    2. If you called the police on a man who loves you then you can’t claim you ever loved him. You clearly don’t know what love is and that’s scary. You watch too much TV…

      Must be something that’s programmed into Caucasian females. Just call the cops whenever something mildly inconveniences you.

      I’d never call the cops on a girl I’m dating , or friends and family, but that’s just me. I’m a sensible, down to earth, reasonable person…. Unlike most people

      1. You are’t living in reality. So a woman that loves you, stands over with a knife in her hand and says she’s going to kill you? You don’t call the police. An ex, says she’s going to burn your house down? You don’t call the police. A woman is so rough with you during sex, that you are left with bruises – but she says she loves you. A man, grabs your penis when you’re riding on the bus? – You say, Hi mate? But you don’t do anything? You obviously don’t know any women – because every single one of these are real life every day scenarios for millions of women, every day. Statistics show it is more likely for a pregnant woman to be assaulted by her partner than to suffer from pre-eclampsia. A ‘karen’ didn’t make up that statistic. If you are in America – while you read this comment – a woman died at the hands of a man who loved her and who she never called the police on. Oh, how I wish she had called the police but then again, it didn’t save Gabby Petito, did it – even when a stranger called and said he saw her being hit and slapped on the side of the road. If you really imagine that women shouldn’t call the police on the men who ‘love them’ or who grab them in public, take upskirt photos of them in shopping centres – then you haven’t spoken to the women in your life and the experiences they’ve had over their lifetime with men. Go ask you mum, if she’s ever been touched by a stranger, hit on by an overbearin man, or threatened or scared of a man who said he ‘loved her’. You will be surprised by her answer. These things are RARE – they are common occurrances to every woman in the world. Unless, they are forced to stay home wearing a burkha and even then – those countries still have plenty of rapes, for which the women are blamed for. They are married to men who the man ‘who loves her’ – her father chooses. If someone called the cops on you – then you need to look at your own behaviour – because she sounded like she was probably scared of you? why?

        1. I have literally had a crazy ex on top of me with a knife threatening to kill me and herself… and I didn’t call the police on her… but I did end up taking her to the mental hospital a few times… she died a few years later from a drug overdose I think. You can see how I’ve become jaded…

          I’ve had ex’s threaten to burn my house down or break windows and I didn’t call the police. I’m not a pussy or a pansy and I’m not scared of girls lmao.

          I would never call the police on a girl I’m dating under any circumstances. Police are the problem, not the solution.

          Im thankful for the relationships I had after the fiasco with the bitch who called the police on me. Those girls showed me what real love is and what a real relationship is… there was no need to call the police on me as I wasn’t a threat, I was in love. A guy who sends you 100 roses and writes you a song isn’t gonna rape you or hurt you lmao get a grip… but now I’m talking to a different girl from high school so I’m gonna take her on a date and fuck her soon. Your loss, you could have had me but missed out…

          What a damn shame, I always think we’d be the perfect couple if she had never called the cops on me. Oh well, it is what it is and you’re too stubborn to ever apologize for your betrayal.

          P.s. I’m not your toy, I’m not your ex, I’m not your soulmate. I’m nothing to you and you’re nothing to me anymore. You’re nothing but a red flag.

      2. It is *RARE – correction from last post.
        And I thought I’d give you some more statistics. 3 women die a day in the usa – by a man ”who loves them”. 127 women AT LEAST will die today in the world at the hands of a man who professes he ”loves her”. This is NOT made up – a woman is more likely to die at the hands of a man ”who loves her” than by a random stranger. Women should call the police MORE – they should walk at the very first sign by a man ”who loves her”. If you had the police called on you – LOOK AT YOUR OWN BEHAVIOUR.
        Women rarely call the cops for no reason. Women usually don’t call the cops – we need to encourage them to call more often. You have closed your eyes to the pandemic that is male violence in this world. In war – it isn’t women making those decisions to be barbaric – it is men. As a young boy – you were far more likely to be raped by another man or beaten up by your fellow males.
        Men commit 95% of homicides. That doesn’t count men who call the people they “love” names in anger, the men who throw things, punch walls, kick walls, break things, drive fast, flip their finger, scream at a cashier, grab a waitress, make a lewd sexual ‘joke’ to a waitress, ask a waitress for her number, slam a door so hard it rattles, calls thier wife a bitch or a w***e – but he loves her, right? So she should put up with it, by your logic?
        Men all over this world have emotional regulation problems – and children (boys and girls) and women and other men are the victims. I bet you’d be more scared of an angry dude in a pub than a woman? Why? because you instinctively know that you are in WAY more danger of being hurt. CALL THE POLICE.
        Men only learn through consequences – when women start leaving men, the first time they pnnch a wall or break something of theirs – men will slowly but surely learn self regulation because others will start refusing the accept these actions from the men ”who love them”.
        I may be a karen ,lol – but you have a problem. Every woman around you has experienced at least one of the behaviours I just listed. Go ask a woman in your life about the anger problems or sexual overtures she’s had from men since she was 12. It will then start sounding like what it is – a pandemic. And while women can point it out – it is up to good men to believe them and work to stop this problem from the roots – during boyhood. All school shooters are male. You need to open your eyes and become part of the solution – not remain part of the problem.

        1. Wow you must really hate men. That’s the gist of your absurdly long and idiotic rant.

          Also I’m 99% pretty sure you just made up a bunch of statistics. None of that shit is even relevant to our love story. You literally just ruined everything by calling the cops and being a bitch. That’s it.

          Why don’t you take a step back and ask yourself why? Why am I a Karen? Why am I unlikeable? Lol 😂

        2. You’re bitter and I’m sweet. That’s the difference between me and you. I don’t need help. You don’t know me. She called the police on me 7 years ago when I was still a dumb teenager. I’ve certainly grown into a wiser man since then… but she’ll never see it for herself in the real world. Your immature minds like to cower in the artificial online reality. Youre proud of being a Karen… how shamefu. You are the most insufferable girl in the world. Keep projecting hun and don’t compare yourself to “most women” cause you are far from normal… lmao…Keep telling yourself I’m a horrible person and that your actions were justified. Whatever helps you sleep at night…

  2. Get help, friend. You, sincerely, need it. Reexamine your outlook on things. Someone who allows you to do anything to them without getting help for themselves… It isn’t about them not loving YOU, it’s about them not loving THEMSELVES enough to get the help they need. You sound like an abuser, but maybe not. You’re headed down that path though. Seek help.

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