I can’t. I won’t.

As much as I have feelings for you, and you have feelings for me, I cannot cheat on my fiance with you. Even if I AM a little bit attracted to you. Plus I’d only let myself down, and I have to live with myself, for the rest of my life, so no. I’m attracted to your lovely sweet personality, but still, i can’t. Maybe if I was single, then yes, I definitely would jump at the chance. However I am committed to my fiance, and I did promise to marry him. Time will tell, but I can’t let anything or anyone come between me and him. By all means it’s flattering to have a young lad trying to win me over, yet I can’t break my standards when it comes to being in a fully committed relationship. I don’t think you thought this through clearly enough. You will probably find someone else that you’re attracted to some time in the future. And I doubt you would die just to have me in your arms and in your bed.

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