Walking home

I’ve just picked my kid up from school. She’s telling me about what a great day she had at school after she missed a day yesterday from having a bad fall on the concrete on our morning walk, comes into school looking like a tough kid with her paw patrol bandaid under her eye.
As we’re crossing the street during our walk home that’s when I hear shouting coming from directly behind us. I see two teen boys getting out of a car and shouting nigga repeatedly at another teen boy crossing , they then rush him in a pummel of fists and more shouting. I tell my five year old to keep walking to get her and myself out of immediate danger in case some asshole brought weapons to this juvenile fight. I hear other cars honking and stopping , a women is shouting and a group is forming , I’m assuming braver adults or those without the company of a child are interjecting on the Street fight , maybe retaining the participants until law enforcement show up. Heck if I know, we didn’t stick around to find our. Two blocks away I hear a boys frustrated screaming and I pick up the pace a bit.

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