The relationship between a girl and her stylist is a special one…

Dear former hairstylist,

I can’t believe how incredibly unhelpful you were when I asked for a referral to a stylist while you were on leave. You cut and colored my hair for 16 years and gave no notice that you were taking an extended leave of absence. I had to get my hair done as I had over an inch of regrowth, and it didn’t look terrific. But no, you took 3 days to return my text and said you couldn’t recommend anyone. Well, bitch, I jumped on your Insta and found 7 salons in under 10 minutes, so what the hell?

I’ve spent fucking thousands of dollars over 16 years, and you can’t refer me for a “one-off” appointment. WTF. You are a selfish piece of garbage! After reading some negative online reviews about your skills, I consider this to be a good thing. Go pound sand, you selfish bitch, my money won’t be enriching your life so fuck off!

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