The communal room

Yes I completely see where you’re coming from. The communal room is more trouble than it’s even worth. It causes a lot of drama. Me and you often avoid that room for good reason. Me and you both know that we prefer our privacy. I think me and you are very similar. Plus I shouldn’t have to be discussing my love life with any of them lot. It’s none of their business who I’m dating. I don’t even get why they would want to know. It’s a bit pointless anyway. People always think that they’re in the best relationship. Actually some of them really aren’t but if we tell them to their faces they will instantly accuse us of trying to ruin their relationship or what’s left of it. Lol. I also don’t see why I shouldn’t put my own life first. I need to put my own needs first. Can you imagine what I’d end up like without getting enough sleep? Me too. Exactly. So before anyone tells you or me what THEY think is good for us, we’ll how would they know if they’re not in our bodies and don’t have the same mind? I don’t think they’re in any state to judge anyone. Don’t go looking for idiotic village gossip like they do. It’s wasting precious time and oxygen that will be better spend being productive and having an actual life. Thanks for supporting me, buddy. You are literally THE best. You show emotion and you’re very caring. What more could I want?

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