Where are all the jobs, TP?

You know T, you are kinda sexy in a rebellious, skateboarding, Millenial type of way. I watch your content on Youtube every day and, I can tell that you’re a closet perfectionist because you speak so crisply. I’ve never been a Youtube creator so I’m sure there is another level of quality that your videos must meet, hence the crispy speak.

I’ve watched several of your videos reporting on the workforce and about workers leaving their jobs and the need for qualified workers, and so on and so on. I’ve come to realize that we are all being gaslit by the mainstream media. I’m looking for work right now and it’s tough out there. I’m applying for positions that I’m over-qualified for and I don’t have potential employers blowing up my phone wanting to give me a job. Maybe it’s an “East Coast thing” but out here in California, jobs are not very plentiful. So, dude, can you please cut the hype and mild hysteria about the economy collapsing and the lack of qualified workers because it’s not that way out here. Okay? Wish me luck TP.

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