Neil, it has been 12 years. I was scrolling your pictures with her just a moment ago, you seemed happy, you looked happy, you are happy and I am glad that you are indeed, happy.

Time isn’t really on our side since the very 1st day that we met. I just hope that I had the courage to tell you back then that I love you but I was a mess and selfish and broken. You’re too good for me and I don’t want to ruin you and drag you to my messed up life.

I wish I can tell you that nothing really changed in 12 years, but I can’t do that, because you’re getting married and again, I don’t want to ruin what seems to be the best days of your life. It’s cliche but, if there is a parallel universe, I hope I didn’t push you away.

I’ll keep on loving you, just like what I always have, from a far.

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