It WAS meant to be

I shouldn’t have let my family influence my decision. I should’ve followed my heart & come be with you.
You were my soul mate.
I will never truly be happy because you’re missing from my life.
Things are so different now. I’m not the person you once knew & I know you’ve been hurt by my actions & actions of others too so I know you’re also a different person now. If one day we see each other again in different circumstances, I wonder if it’ll be like old times & our souls will connect again? Or is there just too much hurt & time between us now.
I often dream of you & I wonder if it’s true that at that moment you’re thinking of me.
I miss you.

4 thoughts on “It WAS meant to be”

  1. Damn. That is definitely genuine. I can tell by the way you word it. Why don’t you, for your own sake, let her know? I get that it’s nerve-wracking, but would you rather put your pride first, or at least TRY to win her back. You never know. She might hopefully feel the same about you. You will never find out if you don’t try. I get that you feel you might embarrass or humiliate yourself, but when you feel you can’t live without a certain someone, it’s worth every bit of effort. Do it for yourself. Screw what anyone else thinks about it. They’re not you. You’re the one who has to live with the hurt.

  2. Jeez that does sound familiar. It is totally unfair how memories persist even when reality shows you something completely different. My memory was so skewed it nearly cost me 30 years of my life. I’m still a bit confused but I’ll never risk my world ever again. Peace to you my friend

  3. If 2 souls connect you can rest assured that space and time will never change that. I am positive that they are still there now. Just close your eyes and embrace the silence.

    You seem to be regretful. Don’t be. Every little or big thing that has happened did so for a reason. There is a bigger picture that has yet to fully reveal. Trust the process.

    Best wishes author.

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