You should know

One of my best qualities is always staying true to myself. Under no circumstance did I ever say or do anything that I did not mean. Yes I sometimes suck at fully being able to explain what I feel and sometimes it might all come out mixed around into a big ball of confusion….but in no way can a single person ever say that I don’t try. I try and try again and then try some more at every thing I do in life. If you have not figured it out by now….I can be stubborn as hell and yes I like being that way.

I don’t want you to feel bad about it because it’s all good. I swear. What you obviously wanted or needed is not what I can or would be able to give you anyways. Partially because I can’t but also because I wouldn’t want to. As much as I wanted to believe you were just like me….tbh I have never met a single person that thinks about life the way I do. It’s okay. Nothing wrong with either of us.

Just as I always said…I will always love you. Don’t misunderstand when I say that. I do not want you. I seriously care about you as a person. I want you to be happy and healthy and have all the good things that life throws at you. You deserve great things. Maybe in passing you will feel my energy and realize it was there to help you…it will always be there to help you if and when you need.

Take care of yourself and your family. Btw speeding tickets can get expensive. So can being reckless. I’m sure you learned that lesson long ago. You might need to tell the fam that one.

Sincerely Britney

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