Saying goodbye to Winter

I just want to be close to you

Even if I am only ever near

Even if we never collide

And I am stuck in limbo between low lights

And cross logic puzzles.

I miss you in my lowest moments and my highest highs.

I miss the version of me that grazed your lips

Before winter became a perpetual season,

Before silence was a treasure that seldom came.

I miss you so much looking arounds rooms

Which you are never in.

I miss the days where everything felt beautiful inside me

The doorway to your heart was

Where I could be my most authentic self.

I know its too late

But I don’t think I can fully close the door

On Autumn.

I need to be close even if it isn’t meant to be,

Even if my heart is broken.

Because I loved who I was back then.

Today is the first step on saying goodbye to Winter.

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