My business documents, continued

I asked you nicely to stop hounding me about how much time I spend with my business documents, but this time you’ve gone too far. I simply cannot believe you threw my Brother HL-L6200DW series laser printer into our swimming pool. Do you realize what you’ve done? How am I supposed to generate presentation-quality business documents on a reliable printer at an industry-best cost per page when my high-performance printer with a 520-sheet capacity paper tray that holds more than a ream of paper is sitting at the bottom of our pool?

I’ll admit that in recent months I’ve been spending more and more time with my business documents, going over the charts and graphs and tables for hours on end, but it was all necessary to my business. I run a business, Lorraine. I’m a businessman. I travel on business frequently and stay at the Ramada Inn. And what’s at the core of my success in business? What drives my bottom line and puts food on our table and buys us vacations to Fort Lauderdale every three years?

That’s right, my professionally printed high quality business documents. Documents that I will now have to go to Kinko’s to print. Do you realize that they charge nearly a quarter a page for high quality, presentation-ready documents? My Brother HL-L6200DW series laser printer has a cost per page that makes Kinko’s look like highway robbery. I love you but you have GOT to get a grip and let me continue to spend the time I need on my business documents!

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  1. At this rate, you won’t have a happy marriage. It won’t just be the PRINTER in the pool. It’ll be your marriage in the pool. Whatever I mean by that. 😄

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