Dear Paul Robert C.,

I’m sick of believing that you “genuinely love me”. I don’t think you do. Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes you don’t bother texting me for weeks. That isn’t true love. It’s uncaring and ignorant. If you really loved me, you would text me every week. What kind of little boy are you? I will easily find another man to be with if you can’t be bothered with me. And you wonder why no woman will stay long enough with you apart from Helen. I think deep down you know why, but you’re too lazy and too selfish to care about anyone but your lazy self. Even Helen was naive enough to be lured into your love trap. You don’t know what love is. And you have let your daughter down. I’m not sure what to even say to you or what to think about you anymore. Your hand is the only thing YOU’LL ever have a romantic relationship with. You will die a very lonely man, because none of us women are silly enough to believe that you love any of us. You have let me down massively. Not that you even will care that you HAVE let me down, cos you have a heart made of steel. Goodbye.

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