I’ll be 32 and I’m reflecting on what an action packed month it’s been and the pleasant sights that seemed foreign to me not that long ago, several years ago I was in a space of deep depression at how hopeless it seemed to get the finances together for a small space of my own with my three cats while I was attending college and working 2 jobs (even in my highest paying position I was woefully short of the funding needed to establish my footing in an apartment in this city). It still seems strange to me that entering a partnership with my now husband turned that all around and flipped it with his patience to take all that on even including with the suprise of a child and all.

Earlier this month we hired some cat sitters and flew out to Idaho with my fam to visit my husband’s side of the family for the weekend of the fourtb. They kept us running around nonstop. My partners step dad rented a speedboat our first full day there and we spent the entire day on the very massive Priest lake with his folks,grandmother,pre teen sister and her friend, where we would find different beach like spots to anchor down and eat up. The trees in this region are so impressively tall and the lakes so big you might mistake being on the beach coast.

On the holiday of the 4th itself his folks got us passes to the Silverwood Adventure park, handing us his sister for the day so they could celebrate their own Independence day

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