Mommy Life

I fell in love the moment you were placed on my chest. You are incredible and everyday I am amazed at what you have accomplished in 21 months. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to become a mother, but I was excited to try something new. There are dyas where I get so frustrated that I want to hide in my closet just to be alone for the day, but that makes me guilty and tears well up in my eyes. I’m not frustrated because I miss my old life or even the freedom that came before. I think a lot of the frustration has come from being mostly confined to my small one bedroom apartment, that we managed to squeeze two adults, two cats and a baby in here. With the pandemic, everyone was stuck at home, we couldn’t take you shopping or even to the park because it was all closed down. Pools weren’t open and beaches were shut down, grocery shopping was designated to one person of the house hold and if I had to take you shopping I was always super worried you would get sick. However, everything is opening again and all the restrictions have been lifted, but its to hot to take you outside to enjoy some new things so we are still stuck inside and you get very wild. Not enough space to run around and you become to much to handle sometimes.
But in the near future, when this heat wave subsides, I’m going to take you to explore all the things that we haven’t been able to and we will play at the park everyday. You’ll make so many new friends that will be able to come to your birthday, and visit all of our family that we haven’t been able to see since the pandemic began. I am looking forward to this next year of your life and seeing what else you will accomplish without all of the restrictions. I am so sorry that the first year of your life has been mostly stuck inside due to a myriade of things, from being to cold and then to hot, it will be crazy to tell you all the things that happened this year once you get older.
I love you my wild little man and I am so glad that I am your mom.

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