Dear Hubby

Dearest Hubby,

I love you with all of my heart. You know that, but there is something you are not sharing with me. For a week now I have been waiting for you to touch me. For the past 4 days, I started touching you. I thought you might need incentive. I thought maybe you wanted to feel wanted and needed. But you just roll over and ignore me.


I don’t get it. Do you not want me anymore? I’m sorry, but as a woman who as part of her Love Language needs touch… well, I NEED you to touch me. And I need Words of Affirmation…. Please, if you still DO want me after 25 years, PLEASE touch me.

Baby, we’ve been together since Middle School. If you don’t want to touch me anymore, I get it. I’m getting older, wrinklier, ugly… let me know so I can go find attraction elsewhere at least. Don’t take it as a threat. It’s simply a need/desire that (if you no longer desire me) you can’t meet.

Please understand. I love you.

Love me enough to give me what I need. Or talk to me, because this has been an off and on issue for years now… if it is not that you don’t desire me, WHAT IS THE ISSUE?

One thought on “Dear Hubby”

  1. You may have another 30 years on this planet or more! Do you want to spend them with someone who relegates you to ‘can ignore – not important enough for me to care what she feels’ and ‘I can’t be bothered even speaking with her’. He is probs watching porn, has ED (or both) or after all these years just takes you for granted. He could also be talking to someone else. Men usually don’t leave until they got something/one lined up. Sit down and imagine living the rest of your only life here on earth as a conscious being with him, exactly the way it is now or on your own doing what you want when you want and only allowing people who care for you, like who you are on a fundamental level and who appreciate you, inside your home. Which one is a slow, long march towards death and which one is a second and renewed life? Do everything in your power to change the dynamic so you are both enjoying your lives, clean up your side of the street, learn how to communicate effectively and non confrontationally but DO NOT be a doormat. Then you will be able to walk away knowing you did everything in your power before you tapped out. Good luck!

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