The colour red represents so many things. I remember talking to you about colours and you told me that the colour red was mostly on fast food chains to instil hunger when we look at it. I see it now. I’ve never met someone that was so interested in talking about anything in the universe from how we were created to how the future will be like. Let me tell you how this relationship feels:
Red triggers a surging emotion in me that is very much overwhelming for a small body like mine to comprehend and cope. When I see you, I get red. No, like literally. Your wavy brown hair which you complain looks like a mop when to me it reminds me of the waves and how vast the ocean is just wanna fluff it up and oh Lord don’t get me started on how it smells – like a cozy cabin home. Thinking about it now I can’t wait to bash my face in it again. Your pretty brown eyes and how it gets so subtle as if it’s humbling when you look at me. Your nose that you always hated for being so huge. You know what they say about those with big nose. They have huge ___. Fill in the blanks on your own. I love your soft lips that will always have that red glow making it look so plumpy and juicy. Mmm yummy. That kinda red that rushes throughout my body when you touch me, hold me, grabs me by the waist and tell me how beautiful I look – even after crying relentlessly for weeks. My cheeks flushed red when I laugh consistently over the words that comes tumbling out of your mouth. You don’t realise it but I love the way you dance and sing your way through everything. You literally bring music to life.

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