It’s beyond repair isn’t it?

Words cannot express

On one hand there’s the fear of who you really are, what you really meant, I’m afraid of you. I’m afraid of who you may have showed me you are and who we became, who I became

I can’t see how it could be fixed or how I’d even want to if that, that darkness is really who you are.

It’s so sad to find you are more than likely not who I thought you were. Nothing is what I thought it was then and I fear what I see it as now. So much fear. You could never have treated me like that if you cared. So long ago.

And in the passing of years you have shown nothing better than no remorse, and now I’m thinking of all that turned out to be maybe one lie after another. If I’m wrong how could you let it end without the much needed communication, the things I needed to understand.

There’s just a tiny whimper of hope left. I wish you’d do something to show me that hope is worth something, but I doubt you ever will. Its not dead but it’s dying.

I don’t think I’ll ever love again so passionately, I just wish I had have had that passion for someone else and never had met you.

Love is like a dying ember.

One thought on “It’s beyond repair isn’t it?”

  1. I thought I wrote this and forgot!
    weird that so many are going through the exact feelings and write so precisely similar – even using the same words that have been used in the past.
    It’s a shame when the amount of love we both obviously had was wasted on someone who never deserved it. Now we’ll meet someone who does deserve it and we won’t be able to give it. That is a damn shame. Oh well.

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