Dear supposed “fiance”…………….

Seeing as you sometimes don’t get back in touch with me for days on end, I often wonder how serious you REALLY are about “wanting to marry” me. And I’m going to point out that if you keep up these mind games, there’s many other lads out here who want me to themselves. I guess they’re just waiting for you to dump me, so that they can get on with having an actual genuine relationship with me. It will be your loss if you decide to dump me. I can see it coming. You can’t fool a worthy human being. You can only fool women who are as low as YOURSELF. I’ve had enough relationship experience over the years to recognize when a lad is playing with my feelings. And don’t ever forget that just because you might decide to dump me, it doesn’t mean that another lad can’t have me, because as long as I’m not officially tied to you, then I do have a right to see someone else. As me and you were never married anyway. So there’s no official document to sign.

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