Cannot say saduko

Just wish you would lay it all on the line.
You think that I am unaware of contact you have had with others , and the fact the others are foes or friends of mine is a real deal breaker in the whole trust spectrum.
I left that town and life behind, they are not interested in you for you. You made contact knowing it would be instant attention, and not a knock back.

So why am I here why do you play these stupid attention seeking games with ppl that don’t have your best interest at heart. If you need to have contact with the opposite gender, use yoyr own contacts, not ppl that you know would be a kick in my guts.

You knew the deal when you wanted me, respecting soneone is not that hard .
You know I know but yet call me paranoid.
I could easily catch you out..but why should I have to cause that conflict, cause you are not man enough to be honest.
I dont understand how a man who is really a kind person inside could really be so foolish, especially when you have someone standing by you, giving you the undivided attention.
And wants the best for you. Suppose when I am gone and you might see it for what it is, however will you really give a shit. ???. Hope the next victim is not as good at hidden word search puzzles as I am. ……

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