What a nightmare you’ve become!!!

Dear S,

I suppose IN TIME you might hopefully realize why you have no friends. Apart from me, but only because I’m stupid enough to put up with you. Yet even I, myself am wanting to walk away from you. Your behaviour has put me off you. I know that I was a good friend to you in hospital where we first met, and we have a history of living in quite a few institutions together, but that said, there’s only so much that I’m willing to put up with. Do you honestly expect me to just put up with more of your diva crap? It affects my mental wellbeing. I always feel deflated every time I come back home from visiting your flat all day. I think you really don’t get the hint. If I stop answering your calls, it probably more than likely means that I’m more than done with you. Also, it’s very publicly humiliating when you act like such a spoilt princess. With me being quite a submissive person, I suppose you think you can dictate everything when I go anywhere with you, but I would love to know why you’re like this. You tell me how you have a neighbour who constantly harrases you, yet are you seriously not aware of how much YOU’RE harassing ME? Sorry but I can see what probably caused your late husbands heart attack while you were outside with him. Now I know why I’m your only friend. Yet why should I play the fool? It’s your own fault that people stop wanting to be around you. I see that you’re now getting one of the local taxi drivers involved to “Check that I’m alright!”. As you’re “worried” about me. No dear. You’re just worried that you’ve got no-one to be friends with now. By the way, woe is you.

One thought on “What a nightmare you’ve become!!!”

  1. Quietly close the door behind you as you venture out of that swamp. You can not heal if you’re fending off someone else’s contagion.

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