My body doesn’t understand the way you love me. You call me delicate and gentle as a complement but really you take it as a challenge to see what it takes to finally break me. Your love is scorching; burning and blistering my skin. Your love is the chest pounds of an alpha gorilla; beating against my body with so much pride. And as fragile dandelions grow through concrete cracks, I look past the cracks in your soul; ignoring the darkest parts of you. My body doesn’t love you anymore; I know from the way I flinch at your touch and bile rises in my throat when you kiss my forehead. I don’t love you anymore and I wanted to tell you this morning. “Want some coffee?”, you asked as I made my way to the kitchen. “Yes, two sugars please”, my hoarse voice answered back.

2 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. Don’t ignore your instincts. He is going to hurt you badly – you can feel it coming. You don’t get off on pain – most normal people don’t. You’ve been sold a lie – normal people revel and glisten and turn and twist with exquisite gentleness, softness and care – a feathers touch is enough to ignite. Psychopaths want pain – but never their own. Will he let you do the same? LISTEN to your body. You can do better. Find it. He is no alpha – he is just a lowly human – they aren’t special – you know? Do better for yourself – think as if you are your own daughter. LEAVE.

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